ALL UNDER ONE ROOF Cambridge BrickHouse is a full-service content developer, focusing on education. Over 15 years in business, we offer a complete range of editorial, design, production, and project managment services to fit the needs of our clients. All under one roof!

We provide a combination of full-service design and page composition for educational materials. This include prototypes, page layout, guidelines and adaptations of student editions, teacher editions, ancillary materials, and electronic textbooks. We produce the most effective and innovative design, resulting in award-winning, successful products for our clients. Our services cover new page design and layout execution, art direction, design project management, illustrative art/maps, photo research, permissions, and tracking, building templates, font and layout specs, among others.

Some projects require original art, illustrations, diagrams, charts, or other artwork. CBH has a team of accomplished artists to fulfill those needs as well. Our artists will work with you personally to determine the type and quantity of art your product requires. Our portfolio of artists includes award-winning illustrators from U.S., Latin America, Europe, and Asia. We develop original content and translate materials from English into Spanish, and other languages. Our team fully comprehends the cultural and linguistic nuances of both the source and target languages. We can adapt new and existing artwork to perfectly match the cultural needs of your target audience.